Rehouse 16mm Anamorphic Projection Len


Rapido Technology is specialize in rehousing vintage anamorphic projection lens to meet the modern standards, and adapting these beautiful lenses for cinema use.

Combine years experience in optical design, opto-mechanical design, and high-precision manufacturing and assembly, we would like to introduce the Rapido Anamorphic Module for rehousing 16mm anamorphic projection lens (RAM-16), it features:

  • Build-in FVD-24A variable diopter for single focus

  • Keep minimum distance between optical components

  • Quick change taking lens with Quick Release (RAM-16-QR) and Magnetic (RAM-16-MAG) options

  • 114mm front housing diameter

  • 95mm front filter size

  • Internal focusing, none-protruding front

  • Focus scale on both sides

  • Smooth and dampened focus ring with hard stops at INF and close focus (1 meter)

  • Widest taking lens is between 50-55mm on a Full Frame Sensor (24mm height) when pairing with a 2x anamorphic projection lens

  • Standard 0.8 module focus gear

  • 250 degree focus throw

  • Weight: 3 lb (1.4kg) with no scope lens inside

  • Length: 133-150mm depends on the scope rehoused

  • 1-year warranty (check the FAQ page for details)

RAM-16-MAG: Magnetic Connection

RAM-16-MAG has magnets build-in. By attaching a 82mm silver adapter ring in front of the taking lens, user can quickly connect or separate the taking lens from the RAM-16. The RAM-16-MAG requires rail support.

Package includes:

  • RAM-16-MAG

  • One magnetic ring with 82mm male thread

  • Foot support with 2x1/4-20 mounting holes

  • Front and rear lens cap

  • Hard case

RAM-16-QR: Quick Release Connection

The quick release design is based on the PL (positive locking) mechanism for locking the taking lens with the RAM module. The precision machined slot over the back of RAM-16-QR guarantees the accurate alignment and reliable connection. It makes possible to lock taking lens and RAM-16-QR with a simple turn of the lock ring. No more constant readjustment or realignment.

Taking lens needs to be rehoused to have the QR interface. Check our Prime Lens Rehousing Service for details. The service is not included in this package.

Package includes:

  • RAM-16-QR

  • Front and rear lens cap

  • Hard case

How to order & what happens next:

  • Order the RAM-16-MAG or RAM-16-QR online

  • Send us the scope lens or purchase the scope from us

  • Contacting us at, we will provide shipping information. If you are in EU, you can send the lens to our EU partner.

  • The scope lens will be cleaned, tuned, and assembled into the RAM-16

  • Unnecessary materials from the scope lens will be removed during rehousing

  • Rehoused Lens will be sent back with tracking number when it's ready

  • Lead time will be notified after receiving the order

Order RAM-16-QR:

Order RAM-16-MAG:

We have brand new Schneider Cinelux ES 2X anamorphic projection lens in stock, it comes with two versions: the original & the flare version. The flare version is made by removing AR coating from the glass to flare more than the original version.

82mm Silver Adapter ring with lens cap: $65