Front Variable Diopter 8A (FVD-8A)


Available Now

CANON focus style

Feature highlights:

  • Developed for single focus anamorphic projection lens, mainly for 8mm scopes.
  • Focus from 0.9m to infinity when set both taking lens and anamorphic projection lens to infinity
  • 62mm front female filter thread
  • 55mm rear female thread, screws directly into Rapido Front Metal Jacket 8 (FMJ-8)
  • Non-rotating front
  • 180 degree focus throw
  • CANON focus style
  • Engraved focus scale in meter
  • Weight only 230g

Don't forget to check out Front Metal Jacket 8(FMJ-8), and S3 Clamp, to build a professional looking anamorphic lens. We also provide different Mounting Options for FVD-8A.

Example of 8mm anamorphic projection lenses that supported by FVD-8A:

  1. ISCO S8 2x
  2. Iscomorphot 1.5x
  3. Bolex 8/19 1.5x
  4. Baby Hypergonar 1.75x
  5. Yahsica Scope 1.5x
  6. CANON 8 2x
  7. Kowa 8mm 2x
  8. Sankyoscope
  9. Elmoscope 8mm
  10. Panavision 8mm
  11. Delft vistascope 8mm
  12. Proskar 8mm