Rehouse Prime Lens for RAM-16-QR

The purpose of this QR rehousing service is to get the prime lens ready to pair with RAM-16-QR lens to build a functional anamorphic lens. This is not a traditional lens rehousing service as provided by companies like Zero Optik or True Lens Service.

Rehouse prime lens for RAM-16-QR:

  • Original lens is disassembled, glass is removed, and assembled into a new mechanical housing

  • Original iris is replaced by a new 13-blade iris (if original one has < 13 blade)

  • Lens is fixed at Infinity

  • Features a precision connection to RAM-16-QR for quick release

  • Interchangeable stainless PL mount

  • Include shims

  • Engraved iris mark in Ft or Meter

  • Free calibration service when picking up in person at our LA office.

  • One year factory warranty (check the FAQ page for details)

  • No focusing mechanism after the rehousing

  • We do rehouse 30+ different types of prime lenses, if you don't see the lens in the list below, contact us.

How to order & what happens next:

  • Order prime lens rehousing service online

  • Send us the donor lens or purchase donor lens from us

  • Contacting us at, we will provide shipping information. If you are in EU, you can send the lens to our EU partner.

  • Rehoused lens will be sent back when it's ready

  • Lead time will be notified after receiving the order

Order prime lens rehousing service below by choose the donor lens type, if you have donor lens that not in the list, please contact us directly through email at

You can purchase the donor lens from us directly. When sourcing the donor lens, we go through multiple QA process to make sure the lens is in good working condition: