Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the shipping policy and lead time?

Answer: Typical lead time is about 2-3 weeks. Make sure leave enough time for the parts to arrive. For international packages, we recommend DHL as the carrier (choose international priority mail at check out).

Question: How to setup the anamorphic lens by using Rapido FVD, FMJ and RMJ products?

Answer: To build up a single focus anamorphic lens, you need three components:

  1. Front variable diopter (FVD)

  2. Anamorphic projection lens (ANP)

  3. Taking lens (TL)

The lens is constructed in the sequence as follows: FVD+FMJ(ANP)+V3 Full Clamp+ Step Up Ring +TL.

FMJ is the Rapido Front Metal Jacket, which houses the ANP inside, and provides connection for the FVD to mount in front. Rapido V3 full clamp has 82mm front male thread (connects to the back of FMJ), and 77mm male thread (connects to the front of TL). You need a Step Up Ring to match the 77mm to the front filter size of your TL. For example, a 49-77mm step up ring if your TL's front filter size is 49mm.

To calibrate the anamorphic lens, follow steps below:

  1. Lock TL to INF:

    • Setup: Camera + TL

    • Use a remote object as the target, say, a building 2 miles away, focus peeking it on your camera to get a sharp image, and tape the focus ring of TL to prevent it from shifting.

  2. Lock ANP to INF:

    • Setup: Camera + TL + ANP

    • Use the same remote object as the target, focus peeking it on your camera, and adjust the focus of ANP to get a sharp image, and tape the focus ring of ANP to prevent it from shifting.

  3. Focus using FVD:

    • Setup: Camera + TL +ANP +FVD

    • Adjust focus using FVD, to make sure you get sharp image from INF to close focus. If not, repeat step 1-2 to verify the INF setting of each component

    • RMJ may affect the INF setting of your TL, so make sure to verify TL's INF setting along with RMJ


  • FVD-35NP requires both TL and ANP to focus at 0.9m from the image sensor, instead of INF.

  • If for any reason, you can't focus your ANP or TL to INF, you can focus both to a closer distance, say 10m from the image sensor, then, you still can use FVD to focus, but you will loose INF focus, and gain a closer minimum focus distance.

  • If you can't get a sharp image for your NAP, no matter how you adjust the focus, you may need to calibrate the NAP, you can contact us for the calibration service.

Question: Return Policy?


Thank you for shopping with us. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange it or provide you with store credit.

  • Please contact us first for return authorization.

  • Returns for refund are ONLY accepted within 30 days after the package is received.

  • Returns made after 30 days will only be issued store credit.

  • No return after 45 days of purchase.

  • All items are subject to a 15% restocking fee and shipping & handling fees.

  • Shipping and handling on returned merchandise is non-refundable (unless the product is damaged or the wrong item was shipped).

  • Customize build lens or customized machined parts, like RAM-16 or QR rehoused lens is non-refundable (unless the product is defect).

Question: Warranty Policy for RAM-16-MAG, RAM-16-QR and Rehoused Prime Lens Products?


  • The Company’s one year warranty guarantees all the Company’s lenses, intended for use by professionals, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year after date of purchase. We stand behind our designs and will fix or replace any problems caused by an assembly error or part defect, free of charge. Damage caused by impact or misuse is not covered under that guarantee, however, and is subject to a $100/hr service fee plus the cost of any parts that need to be replaced.

  • The Company’s one year warranty applies only to Company’s lenses, conversions and products purchased directly from the Company or from an authorized reseller, and it shall remain in force only for as long as the Client retains ownership of the Company’s product.

  • This warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to any Client who bought the product from a reseller or distributor not authorized by the Company. If you are purchasing from a reseller not listed on this site, please contact the Company to verify if your reseller is authorized.

Question: What's the difference between FVD-16A vs. FVD-16B, and how to choose between them?

Answer: FVD-16A is optimized for 50mm taking lens, when pairing with longer focal length (>85mm), the optical performance drops, so you won't get a sharp image at wide open. FVD-16B is optimized for 100mm taking lens, check out the test results here:

Choosing FVDs based on the focal length of your taking lens:

  • 35mm---84mm: FVD-8A, FVD-16A, FVD-35A, or FVD-35NP based on the coverage

  • 85mm--135mm: FVD-16B

Question: What is the reusable concept of Rapido clamps?

Answer: Rapido provides three types of Clamps (V3 full/lite, S2/S3, and T1). By pairing with different step-down rings, you can use one clamp to connect different anamorphic lenses.

Rapido V3 full/lite clamp has 77mm rear thread, S2/S3 clamp has 67mm rear thread. T1 has 46mm rear thread. You need a standard step up/down ring to connect the back of Rapido clamp to the front of the taking lens.

Question: How can I find out my shipping charge?

Answer: Type in your postal address and before checking out, your shipping charge will appear in Paypal.

Question: Why I need a step-up / step-down ring?

Answer: Step-up ring connects the back of clamp to the front of taking lens. Step-down ring connects anamorphic lens to the clamp.

Question: I have an Anamorphic lens, how do I find Rapido packages for it?


Question: I want to buy FMJ, but my anamorphic lens is not listed in the features. What can I do?

Answer: Please contact us via email

Question: How to choose FVDs in general

Answer: check the bottom of this page

Question: Is it possible to use FVD-35A with Hypergonar HI-FI-2 without vignette?

Answer: FVD-35A covers 45mm with 2x scope on a full frame sensor. There are only a few anamorphic projection lenses (Kowa ANAMORPHIC-35 1.5X) can cover that field of view. So in 99% of the case, the FOV is limited by the anamorphic projection lens, not by the FVD-35A.

Question: My taking lens is a Canon FD 55mm 1.4. Which step-up ring I need to buy to connect to the clamp V3?

Answer: The back of V3 full or lite clamp has 77mm male thread, so you need to check the front filter size of your taking lens, in this case, it's 55mm, so you need a 55-77mm step up ring, part 0201 here: Remember to use single step up ring to keep minimum distance between the front of taking lens and the rear of the anamorphic projection lens.

Question: I want to attach an ISCO Ultra Star Plus 2.1 (Red) to a Canon FD 50mm F1.4, and build a single focus solution. Which setup would be best ?

Answer: Checking out the FMJ package: and also our single focus solutions: