Front Variable Diopter 35A (FVD-35A)

Feature Highlights:

  • FVD-35A covers 45mm along with a 2x scope on a full frame sensor. Most of anamorphic projection lenses vignette earlier than the FVD-35A.

  • Set both taking lens & anamorphic projection lens to infinity, FVD-35A can focus object from 1.0m to infinity.

  • FVD-35A enables building a complete professional looking anamorphic lens by combining Rapido Front Metal Jacket (FMJ) and Rapido Rear Metal Jacket (RMJ).

  • Due to its weight & size, make sure to check out FVD-35A's mounting options, and Rapido FMJ Package.

  • Recommend pairing with taking lens ranging from 25 to 85mm.

The FVD-35A package comes with:

  • FVD-35A (lens only, no FMJ nor any clamp included)

  • Front lens cap

  • Rear lens cap

  • Pelican 1150 case

Price: $1199

2 months lead time for the FVD-35A

Link to FVD-35A Reviews

FOV tests:

1: CANON 5D+Olympus 50mm+Bolex 16/32-->Clear

2: CANON 5D+Olympus 50mm+Bolex 16/32+FVD35A-->Clear

3: Panasonic GH4+Rokinon 35mm+KowaBH-->Clear

4: Panasonic GH4+Rokinon 35mm +KowaBH+FVD35A-->Clear

5: Panasonic GH4+Rokinon 24mm+KowaBH-->Vignette