Rapido Front Metal Jacket 35 (FMJ-35)

FMJ-35 is a full metal jacket to provide protection to the anamorphic lens, and interface with front mounted variable diopters like Rapido FVD-35NP and FVD-35A. Customized engraving service is available. FMJ-35 requires Rapido V3 full clamp to function properly.

FMJ-35 requires modifying the 35mm anamorphic projection lens, including removing the front glass housing and rear glass housing. Please make sure you have the right tools and understand the process before purchasing . We will soon provide service to modify customer's anamorphic lens for the purpose of rehousing it inside FMJ-35. Instruction for assemble FMJ-35 will be provided along with the purchase. Typical 2x anamorphic lens will have 1.5x-1.6x squeeze ratio after the standard modification. Customized squeeze ratio is also possible, please contact us for the service.

For more information about FMJ-35 & FVD-35NP, here HERE.


  • Support easy tuning the scope to achieve the best image quality

  • 95mm front male thread, screw directly into the back of Rapido FVD-35NP & FVD-35A

  • 77mm rear male thread, screw directly into the front of Rapido RMJ

  • Bottom support with one standard 1/4-20 mounting hole

  • Customized engraving is available on top/left/right sides (part 0030)

  • Customized color for two front grooves (red, blue, yellow, purple or white) (part 0031)

  • Require Rapido V3 full clamp to function properly

  • Additional 3x ¼-20 mounting bracket extension is available

  • Aluminum housing with professional black anodized surface, the bottom side has Rapido logo engraved

FMJ-35 Package, includes:

    • FMJ-35 housing

    • V3 clamp

    • Step down ring

    • Step up ring, to connect the back of V3 clamp to the front of the taking lens

Select your anamorphic lens below to purchase the FMJ-35 package:

FMJ-35 Rehousing Tutorial by using a Bausch & Lomb Attachment I scope as an example:

  1. Remove the front glass housing by removing the front lock ring, the focus ring, and the two tabs till the front glass housing slides out from the front

  2. Cut the main housing to get a shortened rear glass housing

  3. Screw V3 clamp’s inner ring to the rear housing, Slide V3 external ring to the outside of the V3 inner ring

  4. Attach the customized slip ring to the front glass housing Insert the front glass housing to the FMJ-35, align the them together

  5. Insert the rear glass housing into the back of FMJ-35, and lock the rear glass housing by tighten 3 set screws

  6. Assembly the FMJ-35 front & rear housing , and tighten 6 screws to lock them together

  7. Adjust the orientation of the front glass, the rear glass in front of a camera until getting a sharp image at 0.9m

  8. Fully tighten all screws to lock the system down