S Clamp (Small)

S2 and S3 clamp are offered. Difference in between:

  • S3 clamp is designed to pair with FMJ-8 for each adjustment of the scope lens when it's inside FMJ-8

  • If don't plan to use FMJ-8, S2 clamp is sufficient to connect taking lens to the scope lens

Rapido S2 clamp includes:

  • one inner ring

  • one external ring

  • one rail support bracket with 1/4-20 screw hole

  • three thumb screws.

S2 inner ring has a slip fit inside the external ring, and it can be locked down by tightening three thumb screws. The inner ring connects to the anamorphic lens by a customized step-down ring, and the external ring connects to the taking lens by standard step-up rings. The lock ring will prevent the inner ring falling off during adjustment.

Rapido S2 Clamp

S2 clamp, $49.99

Rapido S3 clamp includes:

  • S3 external ring

  • S3 inner ring

  • rear lock ring & 67mm adapter

  • screws & allen wrench

S3 clamp features:

  • Provide additional lock ring & rear 67mm adapter, similar to V3 full clamp

  • Designed to work with FMJ-8 & FVD-8A to build a monolith looking lens

  • S3 external ring has 67mm front male thread and 72mm rear male thread

  • Rear adapter has 67mm male thread

  • S3 inner ring has 55mm female thread

  • Reuse S3 clamp to adapt different anamorphic projection lenses by pairing S3 clamp with different step down rings

Rapido S3 Clamp

S3 clamp: $79.99