Rapido Clamp & Metal Jacket Parts

To purchase the clamp by itself, visit HERE.

To purchase the clamp or FMJ package based on the choice of anamorphic lens, visit HERE.

FMJ-35 is not sold individually, only available in package, visit HERE.

Part No. 0006

SmallRig Long Lens Support with Dual 15mm Rod Clamp, $50

Part No. 0030

Customized engraving service for Rapido Front Metal Jacket, $99.99

Engraving design instructions will be emailed after receiving the order

Part No. 0025

Rail support bracket with three 1/4-20 mounting holes, $29.99

Part No. 0026

FMJ Bottom Support, $29.99

Part No. 0027

FMJ Front Support Beam, 60mm long, $59.99

Compatible with Smallrig 15mm rod clamp (Part 0006 at the bottom)

Part No. 0012b

Rear lock ring & 77mm adapter, $40

  • Upgrade V3 Lite into V3 Full clamp

Part No. 0001e

Rear lock ring & 67mm adapter, $30

  • Upgrade S2 clamp to S3 clamp

Part No. 0012a

V3 Support beam (Short version), center of FMJ to bottom of support is 104mm

Compatible with Smallrig 15mm rod clamp (part 0006), $40

Part No. 0015

Lens CAP (One unit) with 82mm female thread. Black plastic (PMMA), $30

Screw to V3 clamp's external ring directly. When combine with male to female lock ring (82mm-77mm), it can be screwed to the back of FMJ or V3 clamp's rear 77mm adapter. The deep pocket design clears the protruded V3 inner ring.