Front Variable Diopter 16B (FVD-16B)

Price: $980

Lead time: 1 week

Feature highlights:

  • Developed for single focus anamorphic projection lens using variable diopter
  • Optimized for 100mm taking lens, recommend to pair with taking lens range from 85mm to 135mm
  • Set both taking lens and anamorphic projection lens to infinity, then use FVD-16B to focus from 1.0m to infinity
  • 75mm female thread on the back, screws directly into Rapido Front Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • 86mm female thread in front for ND filters
  • Non-rotating and Non-protruding front during focusing
  • Focus rotates in typical CANON style of focus

Link to Lens Chart Test

FOV tests:

  • CANON 5D + Rokinon 135mm F2.2 +ISCO Ultrastar 2x + FVD-16B-->Vignette Free
  • GH4 + Zeiss Contax 50mm F1.4 + ISCO Ultrastar 2X + FVD16B-->Vignette Free