RMJ For Contax Zeiss Set

The RMJ_Zeiss package, $99.99, includes:

  • One rear metal jacket body
  • Gear ring
  • Rear lock ring
  • Screws & hex key


  • 77mm female front thread, screw directly into the back of Rapido V3 Clamp
  • Easy integration with Rapido FMJ and Rapido FVD-16A to build a professional looking anamorphic lens
  • Maintain min distance between taking lens and anamorphic projection lens
  • Standard 0.8 module geared ring for iris control
  • Compatible with Leitax Contax to Canon EF lens mount
  • Support following lenses:
  • Zeiss Contax_28/2.8 AEJ
  • Zeiss Contax_35/2.8 AEJ
  • Zeiss Contax_50/1.4 AEJ
  • Zeiss Contax_85/2.8 MMJ
  • Zeiss Contax_135/2.8 MMJ

Setup Instruction:

  1. Tape Zeiss focus ring to the lens body with electrical tape
  2. Slide the Zeiss Lens into the jacket body
  3. Tighten four set screws to lock down the jacket with the contax lens
  4. Slide the gear ring from the back, and tighten three set screws to lock down the gear ring with the iris ring, adjust the tightness of the set screw until iris ring can be rotated freely from end to end, and iris open & close as expected
  5. Screw on the rear lock ring, and tighten the set screw to secure it. Make sure the iris ring can still rotate freely