Rapido S2/S3 Clamp (Small)

Rapido S2 clamp includes:

  • one inner ring
  • one external ring
  • one lock ring
  • one rail support bracket with 1/4-20 screw hole
  • three thumb screws.

S2 inner ring has a slip fit inside the external ring, and it can be locked down by tightening three thumb screws. The inner ring connects to the anamorphic lens by a customized step-down ring, and the external ring connects to the taking lens by standard step-up rings. The lock ring will prevent the inner ring falling off during adjustment.

Rapido S2 Clamp

Rapido S3 clamp includes:

  • S3 external ring
  • S3 inner ring
  • rear lock ring & 67mm adapter
  • screws & allen wrench

S3 clamp features:

  • Provide additional lock ring & rear 67mm adapter, similar to V3 full clamp
  • Designed to work with FMJ-8 & FVD-8A to build a monolith looking lens
  • S3 external ring has 67mm front male thread and 72mm rear male thread
  • Rear adapter has 67mm male thread
  • S3 inner ring has 55mm female thread
  • Reuse S3 clamp to adapt different anamorphic projection lenses by pairing S3 clamp with different step down rings

Rapido S3 Clamp


    • Just tighten the three screws on the side, you will lock the lens in place without need to worry about the lens falling off during shooting.
    • The inner ring is sliding inside the external ring, providing guaranteed eccentricity between the anamorphic adapter and the prime lens.
    • After the first setup, mark on the side of the inner golden adapter with a pencil, then, you don't need to do it again, just use the marker for quick alignment.
    • You don't need unique adapter for each anamorphic lens, just find the right customized step up/down rings, and connect to your existing RAPIDO Anamorphic Lens Adapter.
    • By using standard thread, it's easy to use off-the-shelf step-up, and step-down rings to attach your favorite prime lens to our RAPIDO Anamorphic Lens Adapter.
    • We provide instructions on how to choose the right step up/down rings for your choice of anamorphic lens, which will be positioned close to the prime taking lens to avoid vignetting. We also verify each adapter setup on our collection of anamorphic lenses before shipping to you. So you can trust us to get a perfect fit on your lens. If we don't have the exact same anamorphic lens, we will verify the lens dimensions with you before shipping. You can also contact us on Facebook .

We prepared instructions on how to use our lens adapter with different anamorphic lens, you can choose the package based on your anamorphic lens. Check out this page to see the clamp package.

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