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Rapido V3 Clamp

Introducing Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V3. This clamp is designed based on the Rapido V2 clamp with additional features:

1: Support quick change of taking lens. With a detachable rear 77mm adapter, now it is a lot  easier to change taking lens. An example is shown below.  

2: Ready to interface with Rapido FMJ & RMJ to build an integrated lens. The front of the V3 clamp has 82mm male thread, which screws into the back of Rapido FMJ, the rear side has standard 77mm male thread, interface with Rapido RMJ. 

3: Ensure a correct orientation when building an integrated lens with Rapido FMJ & RMJ. It's really a hassle to get FMJ's orientation right when using V2 clamp, because the rear of the V2 clamp screws into the front of the taking lens. With this detachable rear 77mm ring, and the positive locking mechanism, problem is solved. 

3: Support beam is compatible with both Smallrig 15mm rod clamp and Neewer 15mm rod clamp. Additional foot support is also available with 3x 1/4-20 mounting points (part 0025 on purchase page)

4: Compatible with existing step down/up rings for V2 clamp. Check here to see clamp package for different scopes.  For the clamp package that suggests V2 clamp, order V3 clamp instead, step down & step up ring stay the same. If you already own a V2 clamp package, just get the V3 clamp, reuse your existing step down/up rings.  

The V3 clamp includes following items: 
  • Front lock ring
  • External ring
  • Internal ring
  • Rear lock ring
  • Rear 77mm adapter
  • Support beam
  • Hex keys & screws

How to quick change taking lens with V3 clamp? 

1): Loosen the thumb screw on the rear lock ring, and unscrew the rear lock ring till the rear lock ring comes off from V3 external ring. 

2): Tighten the thumb screw on the rear lock ring, and screw the rear 77mm adapter along with the rear lock ring onto a new taking lens, and mount this new lens onto the camera

3): Loosen the thumb screw on the rear lock ring, and screw the rear lock ring onto the V3 external ring till the taking lens is securely lock down with the V3 clamp. Then it's done.   

Ordering info: 
Add part 0011 on purchase page for V3 clamp package. 
Add part 0025 on purchase page for V3 foot support.