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Introducing Rapido Single Focus Solution, the only solution that achieves single focus of anamorphic projection lens without adding any additional optics in front of the anamorphic lens The system works by digitally synchronize the taking lens and the anamorphic projection lens through encoded follow focus unit, and motor controlled focus ring (US Patent Pending).

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The benefits of the Rapido Single Focus Solution comparing to other single focus solutions:
  • No Degradation of Image Quality: adding any kind of variable diopters in front of the anamorphic adapter means you will sacrifice your image quality to a certain degree. The additional glass decreases the ability of the existing optical system to transfer details from object to image. You can see the difference in sharpness between None optics in front (1st row) vs. other single focus solutions in the test below by Tito

  • No Additional Flares or Color Change: Some of the front mounted variable diopter type of single focus solution creates additional flares or add warm color to the image , which may not desirable for certain projects.
  • Less Lens Breathing: lens breathing is very noticeable in some of the single focus solutions, which is quite distraction for storytelling.
  • Easy to Mount Regular ND Filter: since there is no additional glass in front of the anamorphic lens, it is straight forward to mount regular round ND filters through front filter adapter, such as Rapido Front Filter Adapter. The setup makes run & gun style shooting much easier.
  • Flexible for Mounting & Changing Lenses: mounting Rapido Single Focus Solution involves no more than clamp a motor package on the rail, and mount encoder unit on the follow focus system. It takes less than a couple of minutes to mount the package and calibrate the lens, then you are ready to shoot. There is no need to spend hours to disassemble the lens.
  • Easy to Rack Focus: Using Rapido V2 clamp & the Rapido Single Focus Solution, you are guarantee to have a solid lens setup on rail, so racking focus is easier and more reliable.
  • High Precision & Reliability: the dedicated microprocessor controls motor through high resolution micro stepping, and interpolates high precision encoder data to ensure precision synchronization between the follow focus unit and the motor movement.

  • Get Started
    • Mount Motor Unit On the Camera
    • Mount Encoder Unit on the Follow Focus
    • Install Rapido Single Focus Software on Window System
    • Rapido Single Focus Software Manual
    • Controller Calibration
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    • Choose the supported follow focus unit from the drop down list. 
    • Independent encoder package is also available upon request.