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Rapido Rear Metal Jacket

Introducing Rapido Rear Metal Jacket (RMJ)


  • Interchangeable EF and PL mount
  • Standard 77mm female front thread, screw directly into the back of Rapido V2 Clamp
  • Easy integration with Rapido FMJ and Rapido FVD-16A to build a cine style anamorphic lens
  • Maintain min distance between taking lens and anamorphic projection lens
  • Standard 0.8 module geared ring for iris control
  • Rear metal jacket is available for following taking lens:

    • HELIOS 44-2-58mm
    • Zeiss Contax Lens Set (working in progress)
    • Nikon Lens Set (working in progress)
    • The RMJ package includes:

      • Rear metal jacket
      • EF lens mount
      • PL lens mount

      • Setup Instruction:

        1: Unscrew three set screws, and slide off Helios 44-2's rear housing

        2: Tape the focus of Helios 44-2 at Infinity, make sure the iris is wide open

        3: Screw the Helios inside the RMJ

        4: Evenly tighten three set screws till they touches Helios 44-2's iris ring

        5: Rotate RMJ's gear ring to make sure the iris can be fully closed

        6: If switch between EF/PL mounts, needs to repeat step 1-5

        Ordering info:

        • Go to Purchase Page, add Part 0050 to cart, and select your taking lens from the list