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Introducing Rapido Front Metal Jacket. 

Developed for people who like to build a definite professional looking anamorphic lens with Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder. Customized engraving service is available, so you can put focal length & T stop engraving on the jacket, like real cinema anamorphic lens does.


Ordering Info: 
  • Go to Purchase Page, add Part 0020 or Part 0021 to cart, and select your anamorphic lens from the list
  • Add part 0030 for customized engraving service, and send email to, we will send you engraving instructions, usually a week lead time for customized engraving. See examples of recent customized engraving designs over HERE
  • Additional rail support bracket (with three 1/4-20 mounting points) is also available as  Part 0021 
  • If your anamorphic lens is not supported, but you still want to use front metal jacket, please contact us at

Rapido Front Metal Jacket Package (Part 0020 or Part 0021) Includes: 
  • Front metal jacket with 75mm thread
  • Customized lens collar
  • 77mm thread adapter
  • Rail support bracket with 1/4-20 screw hole
  • Screws & hex keys

Optional parts for Rapido Front Metal Jacket Package: 
  • Rail support bracket with three 1/4-20 mounting holes (Part 0025)

Setup instructions: 
  • Step 1: Screw V2 golden inner ring on anamorphic lens, and set focus at infinity, tape the focus ring with electrical tape to stop the focus ring from moving during flare adjustment
  • Step 2: Drop the lens into front metal jacket, adjust the flare orientation, and tighten 4 set screws in the front to lock down the lens 
  • Step 3: Screw V2 black external ring to the rear thread of the metal jacket, and tighten provided 3 M4 set screws to lock down the external ring
  • Step 4: Install rail support bracket and V2 support beam
  • Step 5: If needed, screw on the 77mm screw adapter to interface with SLRMagic Rangefinder
  • Step 6: Ready to install the Rectilux HardCore DNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder