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Introducing Rapido Front Metal Jacket. 

Developed for people who like to build a definite professional looking anamorphic lens with Rapido FVD-16A, Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder. Customized engraving service is available, so you can put focal length & T stop engraving on the jacket, like real cinema anamorphic lens does.


Ordering Info: 
  • Go to Purchase Page, add Part 0020 to cart, and select your anamorphic lens from the list
  • Add part 0030 for customized engraving service, and send email to, we will send you engraving instructions, usually a week lead time for customized engraving. See examples of recent customized engraving designs over HERE
  • Additional rail support bracket (with three 1/4-20 mounting points) is also available as  Part 0025
  • Rapido FMJ requires Rapido V2 or V3 clamp to function properly. Be sure to check the difference between Rapido V3 clamp vs. Rapido V2 Clamp
  • If your anamorphic lens is not supported, but you still want to use front metal jacket, please contact us at
  • Each FMJ will be customized to individual scope & the clamp used to mount the scope. FMJ for V2 clamp can't be reused with V3 clamp, cause V3 is longer than V2. 

Rapido Front Metal Jacket Package (Part 0020) Includes: 
  • Front metal jacket with 75mm thread
  • Customized lens collar
  • 77mm thread adapter
  • Rail support bracket with 1/4-20 screw hole
  • Screws & hex keys

Optional parts for Rapido Front Metal Jacket Package: 
  • Rail support bracket with three 1/4-20 mounting holes (Part 0025)

Setup instructions: 
  • Step 1: Screw V2 golden inner ring on anamorphic lens, and set focus at infinity, tape the focus ring with electrical tape to stop the focus ring from moving during flare adjustment
  • Step 2: Drop the lens into front metal jacket, adjust the flare orientation, and tighten 4 set screws in the front to lock down the lens 
  • Step 3: Screw V2 black external ring to the rear thread of the metal jacket, and tighten provided 3 M4 set screws to lock down the external ring
  • Step 4: Install rail support bracket and V2 support beam
  • Step 5: If needed, screw on the 77mm screw adapter to interface with SLRMagic Rangefinder
  • Step 6: Ready to install the Rapido FVD-16A, Rectilux HardCore DNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder