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V2 clamp is superseded by V3 Lite clamp, same function, same price. V3 Lite can be upgraded to V3 Full with additional purchase of part 0502 for rear 77mm adapter & rear lock ring set. More Info about V3 Lite Vs. V3 Full, check link over here 

Introducing Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V2 with Rail Support. This clamp is designed based on the original M67-M77 verion of the clamp with additional features:

 1: Anti-slip feature, the front of the clamp has standard 82mm male thread, and a lock ring is screw on to prevent the anamorphic lens from fall off during adjustment

2: Rail support feature, the external ring is connected to a beam, which can be assembled with standard 15mm rail based lens support bracket, like the one from Neewer, to provide rail support for the anamorphic lens. 

3: Additional mounting options, the external ring has multiple standard M4 screw holes, which can be used for mounting additional accessories, like monitors, and etc. 

4: Fast & easy change of anamorphic lens or taking lens, loosen the lock ring and three screws, the anamorphic lens is ready to be slide off from the clamp. Changing another taking lens is possible without readjusting the front anamorphic lens, just loosing the lens support bracket, and unscrew the taking lens from the camera, then you can screw in another taking lens to the clamp, and carefully locate the lens mount into camera. 

5: Compatible with your existing step down/up rings, you can reuse existing step down/up rings, and pair them with this clamp. Say, you purchased a package before from us for your KOWA B&H lens, all you need is the V2 clamp to work with your KOWA and taking lens. No additional purchase needed.    

Specs of clamp in exploded view

The package includes following items: 
1: V2 internal ring
2: V2 external ring
3: lock ring
4: rail support beam
5: M4 screws x 5
6: Hex Key

Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V2 with Rail Support can be purchased by choosing part 0005 on the Purchase Page. If you don't have Lens Support Bracket Mount Clamp, you can purchase from us by choosing part 0006 on the Purchase Page
Check out here for the testing of using V2 Clamp with different anamorphic lens. 

Following is the setup process using Rokinon 85mm as taking lens, pair with Hypergonar H.F. 2X anamorphic lens on GH4 camera: 
  • Step 1: screw the correct step up ring on the taking lens
  • Step 2: screw the external ring onto the taking lens
  • Step 3: assemble the rail support onto the external ring, having the beam pointing down
  • Step 4: attach the lock ring onto the anamorphic lens
  • Step 5: screw the step down ring onto the anamorphic lens
  • Step 6: secure the camera on the rail
  • Step 7: attach the rail support to the Lens Support Bracket Mount Clamp from Neewer
  • Step 8: slide the anamorphic lens from front, and screw the lock ring onto the external ring
  • Step 9: adjust the orientation of the anamorphic lens by rotating the anamorphic lens
  • Step 10: lock down the anamorphic lens by tighten three M4 screws
 Step 1 

 Step 2

  Step 3

  Step 4    
  Step 5

  Step 6

  Step 7

  Step 8

  Step 9

  Step 10