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Boyer Saphir Lense 35mm f2.8

For sale is the Boyer Paris SAPHIR 35mm f/2.8 lens package, lens series number is #707435. 

The package includes: 
1: the Boyer Paris SAPHIR 35mm f/2.8 lens
2: the original rear lens cap
3: the Boyer red paper box

Mor info about the lens itself: 
*: no fungus, no scratch, no haze, the glass is in a very good condition
*: no iris in the lens
*: the overall lens is 22mm long, it has standard 25mm male thread
*: the lens front housing diameter is 24mm
*: according to Dan Fromm (USA) & Eric Beltrando (France), Boyer sold Topaz and Tessar type Saphir lenses as taking lenses and as enlarging lenses, In the Topaz and Tessar type Saphir lines taking and enlarging lenses were identical. So, I found it reasonable to expect this lens to have the same performance as other SAPHIR f2.8 taking lens when focus at infinity. 

Price: $1650