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Rapido Front Variable Diopter (FVD-16A)

Introducing Rapido Front Variable Diopter 16A (FVD-16A). 

Developed for people who like to use variable diopter as the focusing mechanism to focus anamorphic projection lens. When setting both taking lens & anamorphic projection lens to infinity, focus distance is from 1.2m to infinity. FVD-16A has native 75mm female thread, which screws directly into Rapido Front Metal Jacket (FMJ).  

*: Calculated based on the test on GH4 (M3/4 sensor, shooting 4:3) with crop factor listed over HERE

Test Video 1

Test Video 2

Test Video 3

Lens Chart Test 1

Lens Chart Test 2

Coverage Test

Flare Test 1

Flare Test 2

Comparison with SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE

Pairing with Rapido Front Metal JacketRapido Rear Metal Jacket, and Rapido V2 Clamp, building a professional looking anamorphic lens with anamorphic projection lens and your choice of taking lens is made possible.  

Mounting Options: 

  1. Rapido Front Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  2. Customized Front Adapter
    • Front side has 75mm male thread, screw directly into the back of FVD-16A
    • Rear side will be customized machined to have a slip fit with the front of the anamorphic lens
    • Three set screws on the side to lock down the scope with the front adapter
    • To order, add Part 0502 in cart on Purchase Page, and send the measurement of the front housing diameter of the anamorphic lens to

How to order FVD-16A: 

  • Go to Purchase Page, add Part 0040 in cart

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